One more thing that can be made and used over and over is napkins.  I got a book for Christmas last year, it’s something like Weekend Sewing.   It has instructions for napkins.  Let me break it down for you.  Cut 2 squares, sew them together.  I know you have seen the rag blankets or quilts.  For my napkins I used that theory.  Instead of rights sides together, turn them right side out, finish the hole, I made it easier/quicker.  Put wrong sides together, sew around the edge, and then wash to start the fraying process.  It makes the edges SO soft.  And it is so easy.  I made about 30 napkins, and washed them.  then I ran them through the dryer again, cause the dryer is what really starts the fraying.  Now I have cupcake napkins I can use for the shower, then again for any birthday party.  Or more likely in my dining room since my 4 year old goes through about 6 napkins a meal.




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