One more thing that can be made and used over and over is napkins.  I got a book for Christmas last year, it’s something like Weekend Sewing.   It has instructions for napkins.  Let me break it down for you.  Cut 2 squares, sew them together.  I know you have seen the rag blankets or quilts.  For my napkins I used that theory.  Instead of rights sides together, turn them right side out, finish the hole, I made it easier/quicker.  Put wrong sides together, sew around the edge, and then wash to start the fraying process.  It makes the edges SO soft.  And it is so easy.  I made about 30 napkins, and washed them.  then I ran them through the dryer again, cause the dryer is what really starts the fraying.  Now I have cupcake napkins I can use for the shower, then again for any birthday party.  Or more likely in my dining room since my 4 year old goes through about 6 napkins a meal.





another thing I love from Etsy is the fabric buntings.  Anything I can make and use again is perfect in my opinion.  Not just from the ecological side.  I totally agree that landfills are full of things like napkins, plates, cups, etc that could have been bought in a different form that could be reused.   I also like the monetary value of it.  If I pay 3 times as much for the bunting, but use it 3 times, after that, it’s free.

There are sellers on etsy that make these as fancy or as “plain” as you could like.  This one is on the expensive side, but think about all the appliquéd letters and birds on it.  This one would add color to any party, and is on the cheaper side.  And they don’t have to be triangle pennants, here is one with mushrooms appliquéd onto rectangles.   And here are some cute, Christmas, half circles.  There are also sellers who can make a custom banner with the colors you want.  Or you could add a phrase to it.   I also want to include this seller.  They are paper, but aren’t the beautiful!?!?!

I made a Spong Bob Banner for my son’s birthday, and a pretty pink floweredy one for mine, but haven’t had the chance to reuse them yet.  For the baby shower I am using some custom cup-cake fabric from Spoonflower. Cupcakes are good cause I can use them for pretty much any birthday, and that is the theme of the party, so it works pretty well, at least I think so…

Oh and FYI, right now is the Bunting themed challenge at Spoonflower.  They’ve got fabric that has the pennants blocked out of you, fabric with cute small designs perfect for bunting, or fabric that has the bunting all over it.