Baby Gift Bingo

Maybe its just me, biut I get a little bored watching the guest of honor open presents.  We all gather around and talk about how cute it is, but I spend most of the time comparing who spent what.

I always push for eating cake while presents are opened, that way there is something to do.  I have heard about a game though that might make it a bit more interesting.  Baby Gift Bingo. Everyone gets cards like in Bingo, but instead of numbers on them, there are different baby gifts.   If the mommy-2-be opens a carseat, you get to mark that one.  Get 5 in a row and you win.

Instead of buying a set, I will of course be making them.  The first step of course is getting at least 25 presents to fill in the boxes.  I had to get registries for 2 sets of parents last month, so I went over the list, and if they wrote it down, it’s now on my list.

  1. High Chair
  2. Car Seat
  3. Breast Pump
  4. Bottle
  5. Nipples
  6. Baby Tub
  7. Comb
  8. Swing
  9. Stroller
  10. Diaper Cream
  11. Wipes
  12. Lotion
  13. Bubble Bath
  14. Shampoo
  15. Night Light
  16. Gift Card
  17. Monitor
  18. Lamp
  19. Boppy
  20. Pacifier
  21. Wash Cloth
  22. Diapers
  23. Shoes
  24. PJs
  25. Socks
  26. Crib
  27. Blanket
  28. Bibs
  29. Shirt
  30. Teether
  31. Bottle Brush
  32. Pants
  33. Book
  34. Music
  35. Movie

Now off to Gimp to make my cards….

If you want to see what some Etsy makers have made in regards to this here are a few links.[0]=tags&includes[1]=title[0]=tags&includes[1]=title[0]=tags&includes[1]=title[0]=tags&includes[1]=title


First Post

There aren’t many things I love more than planning parties.  I love the brain storming, organizing, creativity, everything but the actual party.  I start months ahead so, and always end up with too much to do last minute.  My sister is pregnant with her 3rd child (and first boy!), so I am doing my sisterly duties and planning her shower.  I thought it would be fun, and maybe helpful to others to see the stuff I am making for it, since most of it will be mbm (made by me).

The first thing I thought about were the fabric pennant banners.    I made one for my birthday and for my son’s.

You can see one of the small banners at the top

You can find more here, along with the instructions.  And here is another one done a different way.

I also thought about table cloths and napkins.  I don’t like the feel of cheap tablecloths, and it’s not hard to make them so I figure I will make at least a couple.  Napkins are quick too.  My son got a set of Spongebob napkins (with a placemat) for that birthday.

Anyways, none of it is all that hard, you just have to have the fabric.  We have decided the theme will be cupcakes, cause we all love em’, they are adorable, and who hasn’t called a little baby “Cupcake.”

There are tons of great cupcake fabrics to choose from.  I like this Heidi Grace print, that would work really well with all the scrapbooking stuff I have.

The problem being the prints don’t really mesh all that well together, some are cartoonish, some are very cutesy kawaii with smiling faces on them.  I figured the best way to get a couple of different prints that go together would be to design them myself.  (although to be honest googleing cupcake fabrics did lead me to some cute projects and sites I want to try, like this and this ).

So I used gimp and some pretty cupcake embellishments I got at and designed a few differnet ones to print at  I am going to post a tutorial as soon as the fabric gets here.  I ordered the first yard today.  Here is the “collection.”

I can make lots of different things using the images so it all works together.